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black smartphone
black smartphone
First of all

Mobile Phone Contracts

Our mobile phone contracts provide the latest smartphones and competitive pricing plans to keep you connected on the go.

A woman looking at a contract on DocuSign from a iPhone
A woman looking at a contract on DocuSign from a iPhone
Not to mention

Broadband and Phone Lines

We offer reliable and fast broadband and phone line services for both business and residential customers with flexible packages to suit your needs.

a fibre broadband cable
a fibre broadband cable
And let's not forget

Sim Cards

Our SIM Cards come with competitive pricing plans and excellent coverage to ensure you stay connected wherever you go.

About us

Modulation Telecom Limited is a leading telecommunications company providing mobile phone contracts, SIM cards, broadband, and phone lines to business and residential clients. We are committed to delivering reliable and cost-effective communication solutions to keep you connected.

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