Modutel is moving to Leeds!

Modulation Telecom? In Leeds? Well it's about time!

Modulation Telecom

4/1/20231 min read

We are pleased to say that we have secured a move to Leeds.

We have undertaken this momentous step in order to grow the company in a space dedicated to tech. Due to a massive and rapid continuing growth in the technology industry in Leeds, we felt that uprooting Modutel and moving the business operations to Leeds is the most beneficial step going forward so that we, your trusted telecoms and technology supplier, can be a part of that growth, and work alongside other organisations operating in the same field, working together. It means that we will be able to grow our existing product range and be able to bring those products to you. This exciting move will establish Modutel for years to come and maintain our ambitious growth strategy.

We will still be servicing customers across the UK, with support and customer service available across the country. Those customers who we have in Southampton are not being left behind, and we are still here for you. In the coming years we have plans to maintain an established office in Southampton, but we will come to that further down the road.

For now, we are excited to be in Leeds. We are excited for the future. We are excited to continue to bring our products and services to people around the country.